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Be Your


Executives, Entrepreneurs,
Purpose-Driven Professionals
Have you hit at WALL?
Are you struggling with anxiety, fear, or panic? 
Do you feel hopeless, stagnant, or lost?
Has your confidence been shaken?
Are you lashing out at work or at home?
Do you freeze during confrontation?
Are you desperate to escape? 

You're in the Right Place...

Many of our clients started off where you might be right now. 


They all had inner critics in the back of their minds saying things like: "You're not good enough," You don't deserve it "You're fooling everyone," "You're going to fail," "You don't matter," and they all felt powerless with how to escape their suffering.


Our clients quickly discovered that EMDR is truly a one-of-a-kind treatment approach that specifically focuses on the elimination of problems (not just how to manage better), allowing our clients to become their most authentic selves...while saving their businesses, their marriages, and their future legacies.

And this can all be done faster than 

you might expect!

Could this be you too?


Ready to book your free Congruence Consultation?

Let's spend 45 minutes together to determine if you qualify for our services to help you with our Signature EMDR Service.

This is a private, no-pressure, free chat. 

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Robert believes we ALL need therapy, as we are ALL trauma survivors. Download a free sample of Robert's book today!

You NEED Therapy.

EMDR: Real People, With Real Problems, Getting Real Help.

This book is a simple and clear introduction to the incredible treatment called Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing.


EMDR can change your life in way less time, for less money, for real.

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