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We all have the ability to reach our greatest potentials, but what holds us back are the emotional wounds we have not yet healed. 


Only when you eradicate the pain can the ExtraOrdinary Potential of you and your legacy be realized.

Thank you to our amazing clients who fly from around the world to work with us!


"I was looking for the right therapist to work with, during my stay in Vancouver. I Googled EMDR therapists in the Vancouver area and a lot of profiles came up. I chose to contact Robert as his words on his profile resonated with me, he wrote about healing inner conflict and awakening one's potential.


I had several very intense EMDR sessions with Robert while I was in Vancouver. He is very focused and doesn't lose sight of why I went to him. Before we started the work, he asked me about specific issues that I wanted to bring to awareness and we focused on those. He has the ability to read in between the lines, pick up important elements that I myself may not have been aware of.


I would recommend Robert very highly for his professionalism, his focus and dedication and the open mindedness he brings to his work with his clients." 

~ S, Hollywood Actress

You NEED Therapy

EMDR: Real People With Real Problems Getting Real Help.

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