Host of the show, Pass the Secret Sauce, Matt Shields is a remarkable and eclectic individual. By day he's a real-estate mogul who believes in providing thoughtful community, and by night, he's providing his listeners with the inside track (or "secret sauce") for success in various industries. I highly recommend this show. On this episode we talk about how EMDR is different from other therapies, negative belief systems, my belief in multiple lives, how to find the best EMDR therapist, and more. 

Tony Whatley, the "Side Hustle Millionaire," is a true professional entrepreneur, and podcast host who only interviews the "best of the best." He's opinionated, direct, as well as intelligent and warm. On this show we go deep on many topics, especially on how we as a species evolved with fear as an adaptive survival trait and how we must learn to dispel our fear-based beliefs if we want to be truly happy and successful. 

Another great listen: (Ed Mylett who's net-worth is in the 100's of millions):


Kristen Olsen (AKA KO), is truly exceptional - if not a real "boss." She's not only a branding specialist, and a competitive weight-lifter, she's also the host of T&T - arguably one of the best shows that balances fun with raw truth. On this show we go deep with the concept of Mental Wealth, and the importance of generational mental health.

Pamela Hillard Owens is the host of Your Business Your Brand Creatively (YB2C) Live! which is recorded out of historic Boston-Edison District in Detroit, MI. This episode, Pamela asked me to share some of the "ups downs" on my entrepreneurial journey. I knew I couldn't continue working for someone else, but the decision to work for myself wasn't easy either. I faced many obstacles - many listeners could probably relate. If you want to be a successful entrepreneur you learn to cultivate your awareness of yourself and trust your intuition. Be clear. Work hard. Get help. Trust yourself.

Blake Binns has created one of my favourite podcasts because the purpose of the show is to provide advice - but not just any kind of advice...GOOD ADVICE! The quality of advice that Blake has acquired on his show has definitely improved my business. On this episode we explore why the right type of mindset and perspective on mental health is critical to not just elevating your life - but to elevate humanity. We are here not just to improve ourselves, but to improve our world. The quality of your improvement can last for a few years, decades, or centuries - that's up to you. Blake asks me about my professional journey, and I tell him about some moments of great pain in my life and what led me to to EMDR...

The Most Important Resolution You NEED To Make -Episode 1MindBody Radio
00:00 / 28:24
The Most Important Resolution You NEED To Make - Episode 2MindBody Radio
00:00 / 30:18
The Most Important Resolution You NEED To Make - Episode 3MindBody Radio
00:00 / 28:42
The Most Important Resolution You NEED To Make - Episode 4MindBody Radio
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The Most Important Resolution You NEED To Make - Episode 5MindBody Radio
00:00 / 32:20

Host of Mind Body Radio, Chris Sawyer had me join for a 5-part mini series on mental health, EMDR, issues that CEO's, entrepreneurs, and others in the business community commonly face (Impostor Syndrome being one of them), as well as specifics about my revolutionary One & Done - Total Immersion Package. Chris also asked about what happens in the brain during high stress, anger, addiction, and states of anxiety, while somehow I ended up challenging Tony Robbins! This is a great radio series, and one that I'm very proud of, especially because I got to answer some questions from listeners who needed a little bit of guidance and further information that was clear from "therapeutic help," but helpful nonetheless. This series is truly The Most Important Resolution You NEED to Make. 

What can you say about Larry Roberts? Going from suicidal and addicted to alcohol, to becoming a bonafide professional podcast host who explores deep and vulnerable topics, Larry gives his "random" guests the voice they need to share their message. He's interviewed heavy-hitters like Mark Victor Hanson (Chicken Soup for the Soul), Scott Page (Pink Floyd), MTV and Top 100 Billboard artist Schara), Tik Tok influencers, amongst many more. I'm honoured to share with his audience the truth behind addiction and how EMDR can not only save your life, but it can do so FAST! 

I couldn't understand why Toby Pasman reached out to speak with me, until I found out that this was NOT A SURFING SHOW! Then it clicked, Toby hosts guests who are leading experts in the fields of neuroscience, research, psychology, as well as musical artists, and entrepreneurs. I fit right in here with the musical and psychological backgrounds! On this show, we discussed what EMDR is, how negative beliefs block the desired flow from the universe, and we also explore how I free my creative clients from their worst thoughts, feelings, and most unwanted behaviours in as little as one weekend.

One of my favourite professionals is Amber Fuhriman - a successful Nevada attorney, turned podcast host, turned life coach! On this episode, we go way back - multiple generations in fact. We discuss the unconscious family culture that is ripe with negative beliefs and unspoken expectations that become the family legacy that is unknowing passed down generationally. When each individual is healed, and each relationship is repaired, then the family can experience authentic happiness, love, and trust. Successful family legacies are not just financially secure, they're psychologically and emotionally affluent at their core. Each new generation can build upon the previous' success, and the one who brings conscious changes to the unconscious legacy, becomes the hero that takes the legacy to legend.

Josh Cary is a legendary podcast host who lived his whole life hiding! He says he learned that, "hiding sucks." With the birth of his children, he recognized he needed to step up and become the adult and face his authentic self. His story is much like mine and many of my entrepreneurial clients: I often speak of a "mask" that professionals wear so as to hide their true selves from ever risking rejection. On this episode we go to the depths of designing one's own legacy - not the assets we leave behind when we die, but the psychological foundation we set while we're alive.

I join the exceptional and truly heart-centered Jesse Brisendine on one of my favourite interviews! What divides and unites us as humans. The roles of fear and love in our lives. the great opportunity we all have right now and much more! In addition to providing great information in his Ted Talk, Jesse has also interviewed incredible guests ranging from NY Times Best-Selling Authors, celebrities such as Jack Canfield, and truly remarkable entrepreneurs such as Charles Byrd,  CEO's, and more!

The Why I Network was created by Kojo Thompson to inspire youth of all ages to consensually pursue a professional calling. He interviews directors, doctors, lawyers, actors, entrepreneurs, therapists, bankers, jewelers, and many many different professions, all for the purpose of giving our youth the upper hand. It's like being able to shadow a profession for 30 minutes and know that you do or don't want to pursue that direction. I love giving back to the youth whenever I can, and this was a no-brainer for me. After listening to my episode, I highly encourage you to listen to a few others - especially if you're thinking of a career change!

Lindsey Elmore is more than a podcast host of a the great show The Lindsey Elmore Show, she's also a doctor of pharmacy, as well as a world-renowned healer who has spoken in over 37 countries. Her show helps her listeners find fulfillment amongst chaos. On this episode you will be introduced to Josh Cary (if you don't already know him, he's the creator and host of The Hidden Entrepreneur podcast, as well as co-host for the incredible networking opportunity called PodMax Global), Jamie O'Connor of Inspired Focus Digital (how to create a brand that matters while attracting new clients and nurturing the clients you already have), me, and Lauren Heath (while working as a social worker, she's developed a growing pet care business). You can't go wrong with this podcast channel!

StraightTalk102320-830AM-WEEUStraight Talk on 830AM WEEU
00:00 / 48:32

In this excellent treat, I was invited as a guest on the LEGENDARY, 85-year-old Pennsylvanian AM radio station, 830 AM WEEU. As a guest on their Straight Talk radio show, I was asked to expand on EMDR and how it can accelerate treatment times for addiction, and almost any other form of mental health disturbance. I also explored how couples and entire families can benefit from EMDR treatment. The host Nick, also asked if there's any similarity to hypnosis...and several other excellent questions!

I join USA Nation-Wide Celebrity,  and entrepreneur, Patti Katter on her show to discuss what makes EMDR great, and why so many North Americans need this right now! Patti is one of my favourite individuals, and in addition to her show airing across the USA, Patti has been picked up by Amazon TV, and Roku! That was a good move Amazon! One listen to her voice and you will instantly fall in love. You were warned here!


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