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Grigore Counselling provides both a One-Month and a Three-Month EMDR package to help lower the overall fee per 90 minute individual session.
We also have crafted a special Break The Cycle (12-Pack) of 90 minute sessions for our couples.
All packages are NO-RISK investments in your mental health. If you decide you wish to discontinue your services for any reason, simply inform us of your intention, and we will issue you a pro-rated refund.


Want to get started for less? Sign up for a 4-Pack and save $100!

3 Months to FREEDOM

Our average treatment time for most issues is 12 sessions. Usually this takes three months. If you're ready to commit to your freedom, why not save nearly $400 while you're at it?

Break The Cycle

Ready to try something new? We combine EMDR and EFT Couples Therapy to create a unique and effective way to break through the patterns in your love life that keep you both stuck! Are you ready to break the cycle and save your relationship?