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  • Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) boasts over 30 years of scientific evidence of its effectiveness (to treat almost anything). 

  • You can count on your treatment being: fast, effective, and safe.

  • The distress you experience is caused by past memories that were not properly stored in your brain.

  • You cannot simply “get over” your problem, or “think positively,” “toughen up,” or “try harder.” 

  • When you resolve these specific memories, your psychological blocks simply disappear.

  • EMDR is NOT talk therapy

  • EMDR is NOT about improving your self-awareness; it’s not about teaching you coping skills, or about teaching you stress-management.

  • EMDR is about eliminating your problem(s)—completely.

  • The benefits of EMDR last forever.

  • You only need to focus on the distress “one last time.” 

At Grigore Counselling & Associates, we only use EMDR to treat our clients. Why? Because it actually works. And it works FAST. 


EMDR is able to treat (and cure) psychological ailments in people in a fraction of the time that would be spent in traditional psychotherapy treatment approaches. What could take 2 - 5 years in talk therapy, could take 12- 15 hours or so with EMDR (12 is our average for completion of therapy of singular issues). Furthermore, results are not guaranteed with talk therapy. At Grigore Counselling, we want you to expect results - why? Because you will get them with us.

Spend 2 - 5 years in talk therapy, dumping tens of thousands of dollars with results not guaranteed? Or spend 12 - 15 hours over the course of just a few days with Robert and have guaranteed results? We think it's a no-brainer.

Well...we clearly support the use of EMDR for treating our clients - but who else supports the use of EMDR? 

WHO supports EMDR. (The World Health Organisation...see what we did there?)

The World Health Organisation recognizes both EMDR and CBT as evidence-based treatments that have been successful in treating trauma - and there are loads of studies supporting that EMDR heals trauma in a far shorter time period than CBT (a singular traumatic memory can be processed in 1-3 sessions using EMDR), with no homework required on the part of the client. We think this is great, because who likes to do homework right?

Other reputable supports for EMDR:

  • The American Psychological Association (Canada follows the APA guidelines)

  • The American Psychiatric Association

  • The Dutch National Steering Committee

  • The International Society for Traumatic Stress Studies

  • The UK National Guidelines for Clinical Excellence

  • The US Department of Veterans Affairs

  • The Australian Centre for Posttraumatic Mental Health

  • The Australian Psychological Society

  • Israel National Council for Mental Health 

  • And more...

Short answer: probably. 

Definitely if you experience any of the following:

  • Feeling like you're "not enough," overly critical of yourself, experiencing internal obstacles that don't seem to go away with time, feeling like a "failure," or constantly doubting yourself, have difficulty making decisions...

  • Struggling with: "Imposter Syndrome," fear of rejection, fear of failure, fear of change...

  • Anxiety in certain situations (i.e. talking in front of crowds, making presentations at work or school, feeling claustrophobic in public spaces, difficulty "opening up" to an important other...

  • Trouble asking for a raise, seeking a promotion, or becoming and succeeding as an entrepreneur...

  • Needing to improve athletic or creative performance ability, or to "return to form"...

  • Phobias for situations, people, or animals (i.e. fear of flying, dogs, snakes, stage fright, etc.)...

  • Feeling anxious almost "all the time"...

  • Having physical symptoms that concern you and you can't find a "medical reason" to treat them...

  • Difficulty adapted to a new medical diagnosis or struggling with the loss of ability...

  • Feeling depressed (i.e. "low mood," tired all the time, irritable, losing/gaining weight quickly, feeling hopeless, suicidal, empty, having difficulty enjoying life or getting out of bed in the morning, etc.)...

  • Having nightmares or difficulty sleeping...

  • Being reminded of a traumatic incident that you or your loved one(s) went through...

  • Having survived an assault (physical, sexual, emotional, financial, etc.), or terrorist attack...

  • Having survived a natural disaster (earthquake, flood, tornado, hurricanes, etc.)...

  • Having grown up in a childhood environment that was tense or stressful, erratic, violent, or neglectful (emotionally or physically)...

  • Live with or had lived with a narcissistic other (mother, father, sibling, or relationship partner)...

  • Having difficulty with addictions (alcohol, drugs, sex, pornography, video games, TV, smartphones, etc.)...

  • Getting angry too quickly, too often, or when your anger is "disproportional" for the situation... 

  • Having difficulty crying too much, too often, not enough, or having difficulty stopping when you start...

  • Feeling weak or inadequate...

  • Struggling with intimacy (emotional or sexual)...

  • Difficulty grieving over the loss of a loved one...

Signature Service



Total Immersion Package

One Weekend. 

Transform your life.

We guarantee it. 


Book a Certified EMDR Therapist to:

  • Speak at your live event!

  • Educate your mental health staff.

  • Provide alternative or further treatment options for your patients.

  • Discover how EMDR can make your employees happier, and more effective.

  • And more! Call us today to get a personalized quote to meet your presentation needs!


If you have completed your EMDR Basic Training Certification Course and are needing EMDR consultation, Grigore Counselling provides in-person and online EMDRIA-approved EMDR Consultations to help you meet your goals faster!

  • Collect your required EMDR consultation hours to qualify for EMDRIA certification!

  • Maintain a high level of treatment for your clients!

  • Further develop your EMDR skills and knowledge base.

  • Connect with another professional to evaluate your treatment plans, and outcomes!

  • And more! Call us today to explore how EMDR Consultation can improve your practice.

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